Cycle Skills Programme

The cycle skills training programme aims to help ensure New Zealanders are confident and capable cyclists.

Programme outcome

A nation of confident and capable cyclist will:

  • ride their cycles safely.

  • help contribute to a well-functioning transport system which adapts to the way people live, work and play.

  • lead to more people cycling for transport and recreation.

  • promote health and activity.

  • make cyclist safer drivers.

Grade 1 core skills (beginner)

3-5 training hours in total

  • Bike check

  • Helmet check

  • Legal requirements and safety equipment for bikes

  • Getting on and off the bike

  • Start and pedal without help

  • Stop quickly with control

  • Steer the bike and manoeuvre safely to avoid objects

  • Look behind

  • Hand signals – stop, right and left (3 seconds with control)

  • Understanding gears (extra)

Grade 2 Core skills (Intermediate)

7-8 Training Hours in Total

  • Passed grade 1 core skills

  • Road signs and road rules

  • Start from side of road (kerb)

  • Stop on side of road (kerb)

  • Ride along the road

  • Pass parked or slower moving vehicles

  • Turn left from main to side and side to main road.

  • Turn right from main to side and side to main road.

  • Crossing a main road.

  • Riding a round-about.